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For those of you not familiar with Norse Atlantic Airways, Norse Atlantic Airways AS is a Norwegian low-cost, long-haul airline headquartered in Arendal, Norway. Founded in February 2021, the airline operates a fleet of Boeing 787 aircraft between Europe, North America, and Asia. Its inaugural flight took place on 14 June 2022 from Oslo Airport to New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Read all about the Norse Atlantic Airways Reviews and how to avoid being charged extra.

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As with many budget air carriers, it is important to read carefully the many Norse Atlantic Airways reviews and terms and conditions when making up your mind if you want to fly with Norse. Budget airlines will often have cheaper flights, and make additional money by charging for extras, or even charging large amounts if you need to change your ticket or have the incorrect luggage size or weight. Read the Norse Atlantic Airways Reviews

Here are some very common things to know about the majority of Norse Atlantic Airways flights:

To save money with Norse Atlantic Airways:

  • Bring your own food.

Remember, budget carriers charge a lot of money for additional extras. No free meals on these flights. Be prepared to pay a lot of money for a sad looking sandwich.

  • Bring your own headphones:

Hidden away on their website, they mention the following:

“Bring your own headphones and help us reduce waste….if you don’t have headphones with you, our cabin crew will be happy to sell you some onboard.”

Another fine example of making extra money. Imagine boarding for a transatlantic flight, looking forward to watching some inflight entertainment to while away the hours only to discover you need to buy headphones…

  • Online check in

Remember to check in online before your flight. Their website states they will charge you between $10-$40 if you do not check in prior to arriving at the airport.

  • Understand luggage size and weight restrictions:

It is very important to understand the allocated luggage allowance you have for each flight class you are booked under. I have read reports at multiple airports where each passenger has to put their carry on personal items and luggage through a measurement stand. The luggage size is strict, count wheels and handles.

  • Arrive at least 3 hours ahead of flight

Many people have reported that it takes a very long time to have all your carry on luggage checked, so it is advisable to arrive very early for your flight.


Norse atlantic airlines reviews
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Most common complaints:

Reading many online reviews and complaints regarding Norse Atlantic Airways, the most common complaints regarding this airline are the following:

Flight Delays and Cancellations:

One of the most frequent grievances among Norse Atlantic Airways passengers is the occurrence of flight delays and cancellations. Customers have reported inconvenience and frustration due to last-minute changes in departure times or outright cancellations, leading to disruptions in travel plans and unexpected expenses.

Customer Service Issues:

Another common complaint revolves around customer service experiences. Passengers have expressed dissatisfaction with the responsiveness and effectiveness of Norse Atlantic Airways’ customer service representatives, citing difficulties in resolving issues such as flight rebooking, baggage mishandling, and compensation for service disruptions.

Seat Comfort and Legroom:

Many travelers have voiced concerns about the comfort and legroom offered on Norse Atlantic Airways flights. Complaints range from cramped seating arrangements to insufficient legroom, particularly on long-haul routes. Some passengers have found it challenging to relax or sleep comfortably during extended journeys, detracting from the overall travel experience.

Inadequate Amenities and Entertainment:

Some customers have criticized Norse Atlantic Airways for its lack of amenities and entertainment options onboard. Complaints include limited meal choices, subpar quality of in-flight meals, and a lack of entertainment offerings such as movies, TV shows, or Wi-Fi connectivity. These shortcomings have left passengers feeling underwhelmed and disappointed during their flights.

Baggage Handling Issues:

Lastly, passengers have raised concerns regarding baggage handling practices by Norse Atlantic Airways. Instances of lost, damaged, or delayed luggage have been reported, leading to inconvenience and frustration for affected travelers. Some customers have criticized the airline’s handling procedures and communication regarding baggage issues, calling for improvements to ensure a smoother and more reliable luggage experience.

Bearing in mind the common complaints and reading Norse Atlantic Airways reviews, what are your passenger rights. We have a look at your rights depending on where your flight originates:

Passenger Rights:

For Flights Originating in Europe:

  1. Flight Delays and Cancellations:

    Under EU Regulation 261/2004, passengers are entitled to compensation ranging from €250 to €600, depending on the distance of the flight and the length of the delay.

  2. Baggage Handling Issues:

    Passengers have the right to file a claim for compensation for lost, damaged, or delayed baggage under the Montreal Convention, which sets liability limits for airlines.

  3. Customer Service Concerns:

    Passengers have the right to request assistance and information from the airline, including access to meals, refreshments, and accommodation if necessary, in the event of a flight delay or cancellation.

For Flights Originating in North America:

  1. Flight Delays and Cancellations:

    The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates that airlines provide compensation to passengers for delays or cancellations within their control, depending on the circumstances.

  2. Baggage Handling Issues:

    Passengers can file a claim for compensation for lost, damaged, or delayed baggage under the Montreal Convention, which applies to international flights originating from the United States.

  3. Customer Service Concerns:

    Passengers are entitled to certain rights regarding customer service, including timely notification of flight status changes and assistance with rebooking in the event of a cancellation or delay.

For Flights Originating in Asia:

  1. Flight Delays and Cancellations:

    Passenger rights in Asia vary depending on the country of origin and applicable regulations. In some cases, airlines may provide compensation or assistance to passengers affected by delays or cancellations, but the specifics can differ significantly.

  2. Baggage Handling Issues:

    Passengers may be entitled to compensation for lost, damaged, or delayed baggage under the airline’s terms and conditions or applicable national regulations.

  3. Customer Service Concerns:

    Passengers should refer to the airline’s policies and procedures for addressing customer service issues, including complaints and inquiries. In some cases, regulatory agencies or consumer protection organizations may also provide assistance and guidance to passengers.

We would recommend you specifically see what rights are applicable to your case and then contact the airline in the first instance. Give them the chance to rectify their issue. If they are unwilling to, despite you quoting the correct legislation that is applicable in your case, we would recommend you report them to the relevant authorities.

So how do you avoid these common issues?

Here are three proactive strategies to help mitigate common complaints with Norse Atlantic Airways:

  1. Stay Informed and Plan Ahead:

    Keep abreast of your flight status by regularly checking for updates from Norse Atlantic Airways via their website, mobile app, or other communication channels. Prior to your journey, consider signing up for notifications regarding any potential delays or schedule changes. Additionally, when booking your flight, opt for convenient departure times and allow sufficient buffer time between connecting flights to reduce the impact of potential delays.

  2. Pack Strategically and Securely:

    Minimize the risk of baggage mishaps by packing smartly and adhering to the airline’s baggage guidelines. Invest in durable luggage with secure locks and consider labeling your bags with contact information to facilitate identification in case of loss. Moreover, pack essential items such as medications, travel documents, and valuables in your carry-on baggage to ensure easy access and peace of mind during your journey.

  3. Communicate Effectively and Advocate for Yourself:

    In the event of any issues or concerns during your travels with Norse Atlantic Airways, maintain open lines of communication with airline staff and express your needs courteously but assertively. If faced with a flight delay, cancellation, or other disruptions, proactively seek assistance from airline personnel and inquire about available options for rebooking or compensation. Familiarize yourself with your rights as a passenger and advocate for fair treatment and timely resolution of any grievances. Additionally, document any interactions or correspondence with the airline for future reference if needed.

So as you can see there might be many horror Norse Atlantic Airways reviews online, but there are ways to try and ensure you do not become another bad Norse Atlantic Airways review statistic. We always recommend reading a review such as our Norse Atlantic Airways Reviews article before flying with an airline for the first time.

Norse Atlantic Airways Reviews

So as a final word on this, if you read all the Norse Atlantic Airways reviews online, you will probably see a familiar pattern emerge. You’re pretty much covered if you follow the airline’s terms & conditions.

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